Can We Pray For You? 


       Rev. Dean Smith

7126 SW 98th St Ellendale, MN 56026


2781 SW 92nd Ave Meriden, MN 56093

We, the members of St. Paul’s of Meriden and Zion of Lemond, welcome you with open arms to our Christian community, and to the experience of worshiping God in Christ, of seeing the Christ in one another.

St. Paul's Lutheran

Church of Meriden

Zion Lutheran

Church of Lemond

We welcome you with open arms

St. Paul's Church Council

                           Pastor: Rev.  Dean Smith - 507-451-2165

Council Members:

• Liz Keck 507-456-8802

* Richie Kubat 507-390-4571

• Michelle Noble 507-456-1659

*  Steve Kath 507-456-1654

• Joel Weber  507-835-4379

Church Staff

St. Paul's Treasurer/Secretary: Diane Kath-Schoenfeld 507-444-9978

Zion's Treasurer: Glenn Wiesjhan

Zion's Secretary: Diane Kath-Schoenfeld 507-444-9978


St. Paul's Custodian: Lisa Kyllo 507-583-7062


Organists: Nancy Jewison 507-835-7758

Sub: Holly Meyer 507-828-3808


Cemetery Contacts:

St. Paul's - Vern Wilker 507-451-3655

                  Doug Pirkl  507-835-3919

Zion's -

Staff 2
Saint Paul Luthern Church Zion Luthern Church

Join us for worship and fellowship in the Spirit of our Savior Jesus.


Zion's Church Council


Council Members:

 • Brent Underwood  507-363-6079

 • Mike Hartle  507-451-0812

 • Beth Logan 507-456-2443

 •  Katie Knutsen  507-456-6238

 • Ron Knutson 507-456-4167

 • Lonny Klemmensen 507-456-7999